Transition into Modeling

Translating abstract ideas into computer models is a learned process and requires some practice regardless of how intuitive the interfaces are.  Scientists tend to take for granted many of the processes and sub-processes involved in their mental models and must re-think these processes in order to make explicit these implicit steps.  To aid in this transition, WayCraft offers both training classes and professional services to assist with the development of the WayFarer models.  In many cases, both the classes and professional services are useful in quick and complete adoption of the tool.

Our professional services offering involves having a WayCraft Knowledge Engineer work directly with the research scientists, receiving and processing the customer’s information and developing the models from them.  This would include the implementation of any interfaces with data sources external to WayFarer, either public or customer specific, or additional applications required for processing.

Once these initial models and interfaces are in place, the scientists can be trained to use WayFarer using their own information in the training environment.  This rapidly speeds the training process since the information is familiar as is the workflow.  The scientists will progress rapidly once the potential of WayFarer is unlocked and the ease at which they can gather and synthesize the information is understood.


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