With WayFarer, WayCraft introduces an easy but powerful way for biologists to use the power of computational modeling without the need for advanced training in informatics.  By providing an intuitive interface overlaying an advanced object model, WayFarer provides the functionality researchers need to capture their thought process from initial conception to formal model.

Using the intuitive, graphical user interface, the researcher can quickly sketch out his current knowledge of the system under investigation.  WayFarer works with the researcher to add known information where it exists without imposing a rigid structure that may inhibit his thought process.  Unlike simple drawing software, however, the resulting model is computationally rigorous in order to support simulation.  As knowledge of the biological system is added, the accuracy of the representation improves and in this way the researcher can learn and retain his current level of understanding.  WayFarer is intended to work in tandem with laboratory and animal experiments, allowing the researcher to better plan experiments and create a repository for experimental results.


WayFarer provides a focal point for biomedical knowledge by integrating data sources.  Not only can data be brought in from outside databases, but it can be semantically integrated so that information from one datasource can be compared with the same information from another.  Additionally, information is imported with associations left intact, allowing for a more complete capture of knowledge from the source.  Information from WayFarer can also be exported in many standard formats, including SBML, so that it can be used in other applications.

WayFarer lets scientists share their work.  By capturing ideas and concepts digitally at any point of the creative process, these ideas can be saved and passed on to other researchers who can collaborate and add more ideas.

The WayFarer interface is based on the Eclipse development platform; an open source framework which supports a plug-in architecture. Additional applications can be quickly developed and integrated for the platform using the WayFarer API.


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